Bitch Iskandar the Best Gold is really a very important part of our family and our kennel. She was born on 29th of March 2005. Due to her health problems with joins, we decided not to breed her and we only enjoy with her the pleasures of life which are fine for her body. Barunka, as she is called, is absolutely amazing dog with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. Moreover, she is almost a professor of psychology and history (since she has eaten some of study materials for the university).

The second of our sweet-hearts is bitch Beauty Queen Forever My. She was born on 13th of March 2010. We call her Majda. She loves cuddling and she is always demanding our attention. She is very loyal and it is pleasure for her to join us in our activities. In spite of not being graduated in psychology or history, she is excellent in another field: hunting.

And as it is said: the third, the best, we got third princess for our girls: Her official name is Isobella de Ria Vela, she was born on 4.4.2014 in Spain. We call her Leontýnka – or Týna in shorter version. Still she is so cute and active! The two older girls can´t have a minute without some playing or cuddling with her.

Our dogs are almost like a children for us. We are always trying to give them the best and we really hope that all puppies from our kennel will have such a wonderful life full of joy and love.



Isolabella de Ria Vela

- Leontýnka -

Leontýnka is our little sunshine that we brought from the sunny Spain, kennel Ria Vela. She is so active, smart and cute! And we are trying to make the best home for her.


  • Born: 4.4.2014
  • Height: 55 cm
  • HD, ED: HD A/A, ED 0/0,  shoulders negative
  • Health:test PRA 1 and 2: negative
  • Breeder: Paloma Gusso (ESP)
  • Owner: Lenka Blahoutová Serbusová
  • Mother: Dolce Gabbana de Ria Vela
  • Father: MCh. Mad About You de Ria Vela

Puppies and junior class

VP1, best baby VP2 VP3

Junior class, inter-class, open, winner

22x CAC 2x Res. CAC 4x CACIB 8x BOS

qualification CRUFT 2016

Cruft 2017 - res. Winner

Working exams

 OVVR 5/2015 - 212 points


qualified for watter and Fuel Work


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Beauty Queen Forever My

- Majda -

Majda is a czech-swiss bitch. She is very calm and kind, very friendly. She has a great health results. She inherited excellent exhibition potential after her parents. Her beautifully colored head and light gold fur will be hopefully inherited by her puppies. We suppose she inherited also hunting gift after her mother, so we constantly work on developing it.


  • Born: 13.3. 2010
  • Height: 54 cm
  • HD,ED: HD A/A, ED 0/0,  shoulders negative
  • Health: test PRA 1 and 2: negative
  • Breeder: Gabrielová Dana
  • Owner: Lenka Blahoutová Serbusová
  • Mother: Kreizy Chlupaté štěstí
  • Father: Rossele Keanu For Romidas

K9 pedigree here



Puppies and junior class

Very promissing Very promissing 2

Puppies, inter-class and open class

Ex1, Winner of class, Regional Winner

2x Ex2 2x Ex3 2x Ex

Working tests

OVVR 8/2012


The rest is waiting for us!



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Iskandar the Best Gold

- Barunka -



  • Born: 29.3.2005
  • Breeder: Houdková Hana
  • Owner: Lenka Blahoutová Serbusová
  • Mother: Barunka the Best Gold
  • Father: Ashbury Touch The Sky


She is not breeded because of her health results. She is a sweetheart of our family.



Veteran class

Ex1, Best of veterans Ex2





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In Memoriam


When my daughter was a child, she got a puppy from our relatives. We gave him name Nunýsek / Míša. This little surprise was cute, furry and full of fleas. In that moment we barely knew that this little sunshine would one day move to Prague to live with us – till that time our grandmother was taking care of him and we only cuddled with him during our weekend stays.

But then he had to change his owner and to be with us „fulltime“, as he had health problems with his back and he needed a lot of veterinary care. We shared our lives with him every day, for a long time. Everything seemed to be fine for a while.

But then the problems with his back came again and even he got immediate veterinary help and was operated, Míša´s hind legs was paralysed. Forever. Even we did almost everything to help him, we did an exercise every day and we stayed up all night with him, Míša couldn´t walk anymore.

Then my ex-husband made a wonderfull thing: Wheelchair for a dog! And as Nunýsek was really brave heart and full of enthusiasm, he was able to use it almost immediately! He was like a reborn, like a Formule1 driver. Amazing. And as he was using his front legs much more then, very soon he was able to kick like Mike Tyson!

But then, after a long time, the sad day came and Nunýsek left us forever in his wonderful elder age. For my daughter he will always be a symbol of her chidhood and youth.

Take care of you, Nunysek, there over the rainbow. We love you so much.



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Dogs are only beings that love you more than they love themselves.